Whether valuing a specific work of art, investigating the provenance or exhibition history of a painting or analysing an entire area of the market, we undertake exhaustive levels of research as a matter of course. We ensure our clients are provided with the necessary information they need to make informed decisions when buying or selling. 

Due Diligence

Every opportunity to advise our clients on a potential transaction is preceded with a high level of due diligence and a thorough examination of the components of the deal. Under the guidance of one of London's leading fine art law firms, we ensure our clients proceed with confidence and a comprehensive understanding of any risks and liabilities. 

Viewing & Shipping

The digital age has revolutionised the art world. Collectors can view online and trade globally with one click. However, certain works demand physical viewing to appreciate the nuance of surface, colour and condition. The movement and shipping of art requires careful consideration and planning, our established network of art handlers, photographers and restorers create viewing and shipping solutions to suit all.

Authenticity & Condition

Establishing the irrefutable authenticity of a valuable work of art is critical to any sale, certification varies from one artist to the next. Analysis of the condition and engaging the appropriate restorer is equally important, our trusted network of experts and conservation specialists built over 20 years provides an invaluable resource for our clients. 


As Head of Sotheby's European Valuations Department for 5 years, James Murray developed a wide ranging appreciation for the value and quality of works of art in the principal collecting categories. We passionately monitor auction activity worldwide, and attend the key International Fine Art Fairs to ensure our clients receive the very latest market intelligence. 

Contracts & Law

Understanding the legal obligations of all parties is critical to our practice. Transacting at the highest level requires a comprehensive understanding of international art law. Our experience at this level ensures clients are aware of all issues particular to their contract of sale. Working with a leading London firm of art lawyers we ensure no stone is left unturned. 


The art world is complex and unregulated. Navigating the marketplace to source elusive and highly sought after works can be daunting. We insist on a level of transparency and disclosure that offers our clients a level of reassurance above and beyond the industry standard. Our fees are fully disclosed, negotiable and typically based on a percentage of transactional value.