Owning a Monet is the pinnacle of aspiration for discerning collectors of Impressionist paintings

Exceptional works by Monet in good condition are harder than ever to source. We have diligently established discrete and direct routes to important privately owned paintings by Monet, successfully completing a number of major transactions on behalf of both private and public collections.

Completing the sale of an important, high value painting does come with its complexities. In each instance as part of our thorough due diligence we advised our clients on the authentication process and the forensic analysis of condition and conservation; we undertook exhaustive searches of a number of  Art Loss databases as well as overseeing and advising on contract negotiations; and we diligently researched provenance and history ensuring our clients were able to complete their purchases with confidence and satisfaction.  

For confidential reasons the details of our clients' acquisitions cannot be displayed.

Please enquire if you are interested in paintings by Claude Monet