Auguste Rodin

Rodin is an area of particular strength given our specialist background in late 19th century and 20th century sculpture. The pieces displayed here are exceptional examples of numerous lifetime and posthumous casts recently sourced for our clients.

Rodin’s obsession with the beauty and condition of the human form, combined with an innovative and often radical approach to production assured a prolific and successful output during his lifetime. He chose from among Paris’ scores of foundries to cast his work resulting in a diverse interpretation of his original models. He authorised, for example, more than 300 bronze casts of The Kiss during his lifetime.

Although he favoured lost-wax casting, Rodin usually worked with the foundry established by Alexis Rudier who perfected the more widely used sand-casting method. Many of the finest works to have appeared on the market in recent years bear the Alexis Rudier stamp, however quality does vary enormously.

Our knowledge and experience of this complex market ensure our clients are aware of the nuance of the casting methods, the condition of surface and patina and their impact on value.

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